Counseling Concierge Services

Kool Solutions Counseling is proud to offer the latest concierge services to its clients. This service allows a client to receive on-demand counseling sessions during times when counselors are available. These concierge services are conducted via phone to those who pay a retainer fee, which is not covered by insurance. These services have been added in order to accommodate every client that needs additional time beyond their regularly scheduled sessions. Below you will find the rate structure for the Counseling Concierge Services:  

Peak-Times: Monday through Friday: 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM:

15 min: $65

20 min: $85

35 min: $105

40 min-: $125

45 min: $145

50 min: $165

55 min: $185

60 min: $205 

Off-Peak Times: Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 3:29 PM :

15 min: $55
20 min: $75
35 min: $95
40 min: $115
45 min: $135
50 min: $155
55 min: $175
60 min: $195 

Saturday Emergency Rate- (30 min maximum)

15 min: $95.00

20 min: $115.00

25 min: $135.00

30 min: $150.00 

**Sundays- Not Available**

*How It Works*

The minimum enrollment is for four non-peak sessions per month ($220). Once enrolled, contact Dave to set up appointments, or call when you want to speak to Tammy. Arrangements will be made for when she would next be available. Sessions that go over the allowed time are billed after the session.

Ex. 1 – Client calls and consults with Tammy four times during non-peak hours for 15 minutes per call or less during the month and no extra charges are added.

Ex. 2- Client calls and needs to talk to Tammy during peak hours and the call lasts for 15 minutes or less. Client is billed $10.00 the day of the call because the call surpassed the non-peak time rates that were part of the monthly fee. Client talks to Tammy three more times during non-peak hours for 15 minutes or less and nothing else is billed for that month.

Ex. 3- Client calls and talks to Tammy during non-peak times for 40 minutes. Client is charge the extra $60.00 because the call was 25 minutes over the pre-paid amount.

If you have questions about this program, please let us know. Tammy can only enroll a limited amount of clients, so call today to enroll!

Call 817-545-3371 or email

[email protected] to begin your personalized service.